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HumanBeing Vacation Box
Your escape to connect

Reconnect to yourself, nature and others

Immerse yourself in our hand-selected sensory box, inspired by the practice of forest bathing—a Japanese tradition celebrated for its profound nature connection. Experience the essence of each place as if you were traveling, discovering perfect items to cherish as memories and share through sensory experiences. Support local artisans in the community while forging a genuine connection with the spirit of these locations. We believe that access to nature is a basic human right, offering healing benefits for all. Enhance your journey with virtual guidance from a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide via Zoom. Suitable for every age and ability, it's an ideal gift for any occasion—whether it's a couple reliving their honeymoon through scents and sounds, or providing a comforting escape for someone in the hospital to experience the serenity and rejuvenation of nature, as if on a peaceful vacation.

Boy Leaning Against a Tree


The flavors you experience not only provide pleasure but also influence your mood, energy levels, and even cognitive function. For instance, savoring the natural sweetness of fresh fruits can lift your spirits, by activating your brain's reward center.

Relaxing Woman


Awareness to the textures around you, can reduce stress, enhance mood, and improve mental clarity. Cultivating a deeper connection to your environment and a soothing, grounding effect on your mind and body.

Hand Touching Water


Immersing yourself in the scents of nature can profoundly enhance your well-being. Natural fragrances have the power to uplift your mood, reduce stress, improve focus, and even boost your physical health. 

Image by Elly Johnson


Exposure to natural patterns like fractals make human brains happy. Fractals, found in the branching of trees, spirals of shells, and formations of clouds, reduce stress and improve mood by reminding us of our true home in nature. These repeating patterns captivate the eye and soothe the mind, bringing a sense of tranquility and connection to the natural world.

Fern leaf


Immersing yourself in natural sounds like flowing water and birdsong can reduce stress, elevate mood, and promote relaxation, helping to calm both mind and body.

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